On August 28-30 2017, the 3rd round of the upgraded negotiation of China-Chile free trade agreement was held in Chile’s capital Santiago. They deeply discussed topics concerning the trade in goods, service trade, economic and technological cooperation, rules of organ, customs procedures and trade facilitation,competitive policies, e-commerce and government procurement, and made great progress.

China-Chile free trade agreement, which was signed in November, 2005 and implemented in October, 2006, was the second free trade agreement China had signed with a foreign country and the first free trade agreement China had signed with a Latin American country. The agreement has worked well since its implementation and motivated the fast development of the bilateral trade. At present, China is Chile’s largest trade partner, and Chile is China’s third largest trade partner in Latin America. To further improve liberalization, President Xi Jinping signed a memorandum of understanding with Chile during his state visit there, announcing to upgrade the negotiation.

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