On the evening of June 1, the Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen was invited to attend and make a speech at the enterprises reception hosted by the Korean Trade Association in Seoul, Korea, celebrating the signing of China-Korea FTA.

On behalf of Minister Gao Hucheng and Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Wang Shouwen first expressed warm congratulations to the signing of China-Korea FTA, and then expressed gratitude to people from all walks of life of the two countries who made contributions to the successful negotiation.

Wang pointed out that China-Korea FTA is the fruit of the concerns and pushes of the leaders of the two countries. Leaders of the two countries met several times and reached the consensus on completing the FTA negotiation as soon as possible. Upon the official signing of the agreement, President Xi Jinping and President Park Geun-hye exchanged their warm congratulatory letters. China-Korea FTA is of strong vitality deeply rooting the common interests of the economic circle and of people of the two countries. Both China and Korea made high-level commitments in sectors like trade in goods, trade in service, investment and rules, realizing the goals put forward by the leaders that the FTA should be of high-level, comprehensive and the interests should be generally balanced.

Wang pointed out that, the official signing of China-Korea FTA is an important milestone, and will surely exert active effects on deepening bilateral economic and trade cooperation, comprehensively promoting China-Korea strategic cooperative partnership, bolstering regional economic integration and the negotiation progress of other FTAs in the region. Next, China will, together with Korea, make efforts to implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, promote the smooth implementation of China-Korea FTA, and create a more beautiful future together for the China-Korea economic and trade cooperation.

Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Yoon Sang-jick attended the reception and said in his speech that, Korea-China FTA is an agreement of great significance , concerns the national conditions of the two countries, realizes the interests balance, and constructs a system framework for the bilateral economic and trade cooperation from a long-term and strategic perspective. Through Korea-China FTA, the two countries will form a regional economic entity of US$ 12 trillion, which will inject new vitality to the economic development of the two countries. He hoped that the business circle will give play to the entrepreneur spirit of perseverance and innovation consciousness, and will make efforts to expand the achievements of Korean FTA to the maximum.

Over 100 people from the business circle of China and Korea attended the reception.

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