On the morning of June 17, the Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng, invited to visit Australia and to sign the China-Australia FTA, visited the Australian Premier Tony Abott at the Parliament House of Canberra, Australia, and delivered the congratulatory letter of President Xi Jinping.

Gao delivered President Xi Jinping’s cordial greetings and best wishes to Premier Abott, conveyed the greetings of Premier Li Keqiang and read the congratulatory letter.

Gao said that, both the leaders of China and Australia attached great importance to the FTA negotiation. President Xi Jinping reached significant consensus with Australia on speeding up the negotiation and signing the FTA agreement as soon as possible during the meeting with the Australian leaders. Premier Li Keqiang promoted the process of negotiation in person. It was driven by the concerns of the leaders of the two countries that China and Australia could gain breakthrough in a short time and conclude the negotiations of China-Australia FTA substantially. It is one of China’s FTAs of the highest opening up level while covering the most sectors, . It will provide wider cooperation platform for the business circle of the two countries and exert significant effects in bilateral politics, in economies and societies, even in the whole Asian-Pacific region.

Gao said that that both China and Australia belong to the Asian-Pacific Area, deepening the bilateral relations will benefit China, Australia, and even the whole region. At present, China-Australia economic and trade cooperation has become the ballast and booster of the bilateral relations, and has brought real benefits to the people of the two countries. Taking the official signing of the FTA as an opportunity China is willing to make joint efforts with Australia while, to implement the important consensus made by the leaders of the two countries,to comprehensively deepen communications and cooperation, and to promote the continuous development of China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership.

Abott expressed his gratitude to President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter, and asked Gao Hucheng to convey her greetings to President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, and delivered his congratulatory letter to President Xi Jinping.
Abott said that, it is an exciting day, and the official signing of China-Australia FTA opens a new chapter of China-Australia relations, which will surely promote the economic development and employment of the two countries and will exert deep effects to the Asian-Pacific region and even the whole world. He hoped that Australia and China would take the signing of the FTA as the opportunity to further deepen economic and trade cooperation, to promote personnel communication, and to comprehensively promote the bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership. Australia will complete the interior approval of the agreement as soon as possible in order to benefit the business circle and people of the two countries as early as possible..

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Ma Zhaoxu, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen and Australian Ambassador to China Frances Adamson attended the meeting.


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