Beijing, June 17 (Xinhua)-Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged the congratulatory letters with the Australian Premier Tony Abott on the official signing of the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Australia on June 17.

Xi pointed out in the congratulatory letter that the trade and economic cooperation has achieved fruitful results, the interest blend has been constantly deepened and the cultural exchanges have been increasingly close since China and Australia established the diplomatic ties 43 years ago. The signing of the free trade agreement will enable the two countries to complement each other’s advantages, intensify the mutual beneficial cooperation, provide a higher platform and a more perfect system guarantee, exert the demonstration effect for the Asian-Pacific regions to develop a high-level trade and economic arrangement and contribute to the economic integration process of the Asian-Pacific regions.

Xi emphasized that both China and Australia are the important members of the Asian-Pacific regions. China is willing to work with Australia to keep to the right direction of the development of the relationship between the two countries, abide by the principle of mutual respect and equality and mutual benefit, take the opportunity of the signing of the free trade agreement, promote the sustained and stable development of the China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership, and enhance the peace and prosperity of the Asian-Pacific regions and even the whole world.

Abott pointed out in his congratulatory letter that today is an important day for both China and Australia, and the official signing of the China-Australia free trade agreement is a new beginning for the relationship of the two countries. This agreement will enable the trade and investment of the two countries to become freer and the relationship closer. I look forward to seeing that the two countries can benefit from this agreement. The China-Australia free trade agreement is also a historical one, which not only promotes the economic growth of the two countries, but also sets a good example of the economic integration for the countries within our own region.

On the same day, the Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng represented the Chinese government and jointly signed the China-Australia free trade agreement with the Australian Minister of Trade and Investment Andrew Robb in Canberra.


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