The first round of China-Japan-ROK FTA negotiations was held in Seoul, ROK during March 26-28, 2013. The three parties discussed such issues as the mechanism arrangement on FTA, subject of negotiation and ways of negotiation. The three parties agreed to hold three rounds of negotiations in 2013, with the following two held in China and Japan respectively. The three governments agreed to join efforts to create a favorable environment for the negotiation and advance the China-Japan-ROK FTA negotiation to reap achievements as early as possible.

China, Japan and ROK are all important economies in East Asia, and the combined GDP accounted for 90% of East Asia and 70% of Asia. The GDP of the three nations in 2012 added up to US$ 14.3 trillion, or about 20% of global GDP. The three nations are also big trade states. The total import and export volume of the three countries combined in 2012 reached US$ 5.4 trillion, accounting for 35% of the global total. The economic scale of the three nations only ranked behind the EU and the North America in the world. Once the FTA was established, it will become the biggest FTA with the largest population of 1.5 billion united by developing and developed countries.

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